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ESCO Digital — We work with individuals and clients to boil down their message into a single sound bite. For 2017 we're excited to share with you 365 of them — one sound bite each day that effectively conveys a message and leaves a lasting impression.

Chef's Table

Umami is a necessary component to living.
— Ivan Orkin

Today's #365SoundBite comes from season three of Chef's Table, a Netflix documentary series that recently landed in our queue. We're only two episodes into the series but already two homemade pizzas down. Perhaps it is the cinematopgrahy that inspires our newfound love of cooking, but more likely it is the storytelling and chefs' sound bites that move us to pick up a whisk. Episode four features Ivan Orkin, a born and raised New Yorker who turned a decades-long passion for Japanese culture into a thriving career as a ramen star. Spend ten minutes with Orkin, and you'll see why umami is life's secret ingredient.

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